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Charles Oppermann charles at
Thu Apr 1 14:07:03 PST 2004

Roger and everyone - don't get me wrong, but as I already wrote it
somewhere: I am quite tired of "Yahoo runs FreeBSD" advocacy. In the
"ancient" times, their success story was very important for FreeBSD, as it
clearly showed, that they would be unable to accomplish their task the same
way, as they did it with FreeBSD - Linux was too immature at that time.

I too wondered about Yahoo and FreeBSD.  I guess when I hear the association
made, is that implying that FreeBSD is being used for development
internally, or intranet servers?

When my browser connects to a server, what platform is that server
running?  If it's FreeBSD, that's a huge deal.

If it's a hodgepodge of platforms that serve up content, then is
there any idea of percentage that FreeBSD or others have?

Never mind - I just found  Yep, Yahoo runs FreeBSD on it's

Now, what I found very enlightening was the uptime statistics.  In a ranking
of sites with the highest average uptimes, BSD owns the list.  FreeBSD runs
on 7 of the top 25 sites for average uptime.  BSD/OS runs on other 18.  #5
is has been running FreeBSD continually for 1,612 days.
That's nearly 4 and half years!

Charles Oppermann, charles at,

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