support needed to clone production machines

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Fri Oct 31 18:34:57 PST 2003

Hello to all.

I know I'm running the 'Disgusting Operating System', because I'm waiting
new DSL line in an isolated place. After all, America have decided to make
Europe as a second world, at the beginning of the last century. I live at
the margins of your empire. I live in a city where nobody cares of my
for the true unix. I have learnt completely alone, with the only help of
your books.

I'm running FreeBSD for production purposes on a workstation I have built,
purchasing all of the components in the U.S. I'll need to clone exactly the
same machine on a similar hardware in the next future. The support for the
FreeBSD production systems abandones previous releases too fast. The ports
and the packages become too fast unavailable.

What I like more, is the development towards new hardware architectures,
that will make FreeBSD a winning choice. The support for ATA-RAID and
SCSI-RAID controllers is simply wonderful.

The scientific environment is in Europe often a chaos, many institutes often
purchase junk hardware in a total anarchy.
It is quite impossible to clone production operating systems at a distance
of one year, without having removable disks. - Obviously, I have purchased
best among them, from a californian supplier -.

I am convinced FreeBSD is the best unix, because I have carefully evaluated
all of its features. I have never felt like breathing oxygen on an operating
system before.

Once I have written without being too serious, because a little of joke is
always healthy.

Now I want to describe the reality.

Am I perhaps the only fanatic running FreeBSD where I live... I have tried
to donate my discs to several institutes or students, they have always been
scared of it. It's a common practice to run another well known unix variant.
I'll never move from FreeBSD as for my unix operating system, because I can
stay close to your evolution, but this is only a very personal situation.

I am prepared for my usual dose of 'flames'.

With my best regards


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