stop upgrade - keep your mind safe

Samy Al Bahra samy at
Thu Oct 30 12:09:28 PST 2003

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, .VWV. wrote:

> Are you sure you really need continuous upgrading your operating system,
> until the end of your life?
New releases means new features and bug fixes (trivial as they may be
sometimes) VWV. From a highly productive feature to a simple visual
effect, I personally want them. If you're fine with what you
have (ex: you don't mind lack of AA or lack of sticky windows,
things you don't use, etc...) then don't upgrade.

> I'm happy running an 'obsolete' 4.6.2, nobody will move me from it.
> Upgrading makes happy only the hardware vendors.
This is a natural cycle. I want Xft support, I want Xinerama support, I
want that CD writer functionality, I want those nicer icons, I want
those neat transparent title bars, etc... It makes a lot of us happy too.
I'm still waiting on some features for PekWM ( that
are only in CVS, I am itching to upgrade next release.

In other words, this is a bikeshed :)

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