stop the desktops' upgrades

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Wed Oct 29 17:20:23 PST 2003

On Wednesday 29 October 2003 05:01 pm, .VWV. wrote:

> Otherwise, in my opinion it is necessary to stop this unuseful
> adoption of the endless upgrades of KDE and GNOME monsters.

The adoption of KDE or GNOME is purely voluntary. You do not need to use 
either one. They are not standard in FreeBSD as they are in some other 
free systems. The choice is yours.

> They still are much better than WIN.
> There is no stable standard for applications' developers, under such
> environments.

As you say, they are still much better than Windows. I haven't done any 
GTK development, but the Qt interface has been very stable since 2.0. 
When 3.0 came out, a few trivial changes to my code were necessary, 
taking me about a half hour to make. Since then I haven't had to make 
any changes at all. In the meantime, I have been given ample notice of 
the deprecated functions. In some cases these notices have been around 
since 2.0.


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