stop the desktops' upgrades

Mike Hoskins mike at
Wed Oct 29 17:12:07 PST 2003

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, .VWV. wrote:
> I'm happy for the new release.

me too.  :)  i've done a few 5.1 installs now. (working on turning the
last one into a "howto", not that it's difficult, but for any leary of
making the jump...)

> Otherwise, in my opinion it is necessary to stop this unuseful adoption of
> the endless upgrades of KDE and GNOME monsters.

i feel your pain, and i follow the same mindset, especially:

> They still are much better than WIN.
> There is no stable standard for applications' developers, under such
> environments.
> ¡Stop upgrading, keep a working desktop - stop the fashion system!

i agree with what you say, but unfortuneately it is a necessary evil when
trying to win the "desktop" crowd.  :)  that's precisely why many have
argued so strongly against focussing too much on "desktop" support
(things that are good for the desktop often annoy/hinder admins or
developers), but it's inevitable in any project of our scope.

we can be thankful it's at least relatively easy to use ports/packages and
strip down your system to as minimal a config possible...  a luxary not
really afforded to the m$ world.


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