Friendly and Secure Desktop Operating System

Daniela dgw at
Tue Oct 28 11:52:36 PST 2003

On Tuesday 28 October 2003 19:14, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
> >As a first step in the right direction, all file formats used for exchange
> >with other people should be open source and not bound to a single company.
> >Nobody should be forced to use a particular product (even when it doesn't
> >have anything to do with computers).
> >
> >Daniela
> On the converse side, without some element of monopoly somewhere, some
> innovations and security/safety standards can difficult to enforce.

For [security] standards we have the numerous open organizations out there, 
and they're doing a great job. Just think of W3C.
If Micro$oft would stop putting lots of nonstandard "features" into their 
Internet Exploiter, I'd say the HTML, XML, ... file formats will last forever 
(in terms of computer technology), and everyone would be happy with it.

Monopoly has very small benefits compared to the danger it brings.


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