Fwd: TextMaker: Should we support FreeBSD at all?

Arjan van Leeuwen avleeuwen at piwebs.com
Mon Oct 6 10:34:44 PDT 2003

OK, I'll fill this in :). I'm counting on you (Jonathan) to get this 
information to SoftMaker in some way (or should we mail this directly to 

> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Should we support FreeBSD at all? Speak up now!
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> We have not made a final decision whether to support FreeBSD
> at all and whether to port more applications like PlanMaker
> to FreeBSD.
> Speak up now! If you are a FreeBSD user and want to see our
> software for FreeBSD, help us make a business case for it
> by answering the following questions:
> 1. Should we support FreeBSD at all?

Yes. I think the user base is big enough to consider supporting FreeBSD, as 
other commercial companies such as Opera and nVidia have shown lately.

> 2. Does TextMaker for FreeBSD work without flaws on your
> FreeBSD system? (if not, please file bug reports to
> beta at softmaker.de)

I have no idea.

> 3. Which printed magazines do you read that cover FreeBSD?

Some Linux magazines sometimes offer an article on FreeBSD. Mostly, I have to 
read things on the web.

> 4. Which BSD-specific web sites do you visit?

www.daemonnews.org, www.bsdforums.org, www.freshports.org.

> 5. How can we reach FreeBSD users? How can we ensure that
> more FreeBSD users learn about our software?

Advertise at freshports.org, a lot of people in the FreeBSD community visit 
this site.

> 6. On which Unix-like operating systems would you like to
> see TextMaker, PlanMaker and our future office suite software?

For me personally, FreeBSD would be enough :).


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