Building OO from ports.

RexFelis catlord17 at
Tue Oct 14 04:06:54 PDT 2003

--- Linh Pham <question+advocacy at>
> On 2003-10-10 13:03 -0700, RexFelis
> <catlord17 at> wrote:
> # I built OO from ports on a dial up
> connection. 
> # Twice.  What takes a long time is downloading
> # everything.  The compiling takes only a few
> hours
> # on my computer (1.533 GHz, 512 megs ram).
> Downloading the main source tarball and the
> Mozilla tarball that it uses
> does take quite a while.
> Compile times depend mostly on the speed of the
> processor, amount of
> memory and the speed of the hard drive. It took
> my P3-800 laptop with a
> 4200RPM hard drive over 12 hours to compile. My
> P3-500 with 256MB of RAM
> and a 7200RPM hard drive took over 20 hours to
> compile.
> Then on my dual Xeon 2.4 under 5.1-RELEASE (SMP
> enabled) took under 4
> hours to complete the build and install.
> For me, I definitely notice a nice boost in the
> program's response when
> building it from ports compared to using the
> latest binary package.

I have been doing a lot of writing lately, and I
have the equivalent of a novelette built so far
(16,700 words).  It's given me the opportunity to
test out OO in a variety of ways.  It loads
faster from ports than it does under Linux
Mandrake from pre-packaged install, that's for
sure.  And from the experience I had last time I
tried to build OO, it works a whole hell of a lot
better now.  I dare say it works the way it was
intended to, meaning everything compiled
correctly.  Last time I was missing things (like
the spellchecking dictionary... thesaurus... and
a few other things).

I must say, the port maintainers do a fantastic
job, and I send them my thanks and kudos.  It has
definitely been worth the effort to build OO. 
And it gives me such a sense of delight that we
have such a wonderful thing as this in ports!

I have to say, TextMaker's got me seriously
intrigued, though.


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