A case of FreeBSD users shooting all FreeBSD users in the foot

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at 401.cx
Mon Oct 13 15:51:10 PDT 2003

Johnson David wrote:
> On Saturday 11 October 2003 08:21 am, Jonathan wrote:
>> When those people unleash those flames never consider the
>>consequences. I have to wonder how many businesses have rejected
>>FreeBSD because some prospect "asked a stupid question". The whole
>>flamming and "RTFM" phenomena is really an ego trip for people who
>>are just so in love with themselves.
> I have a difficult time envisioning a business getting its information 
> off of IRC. Mailing lists I can userstand. Forums I can understand. But 
> IRC? No offense to those of you using it, but IRC in general has a 
> reputation of peurility.
> "We sent an executive committee over to the school playground, whereupon 
> several unidentified toddlers proceeded to throw mud at them. The 
> conclusion is to hold off on the OS decision until we find a playground 
> where the toddlers are more friendly."
> David

A bussiness itself will most likely not search on IRC after information, 
but the people in charge of the bussiness might very well base their 
decisions on their own experiences.
I have a friend that runs Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, even QNX, but he wont 
touch Free- or OpenBSD. I have tried to convince him to atleast try 
them, but he refuses and says that he has already tried them once.
While I asked why he didnt like them, I was told that he didnt mind the 
os's themself, it was the communities he didnt like. Appareantly, when 
he tried FreeBSD he turned to IRC for help, and some morons in a 
#freebsd channel didnt have enough sense to behave like grown ups. He 
turned to OpenBSD instead, and got some of the infamous OpenBSD attitude 
on the mailinglists. Now, he runs just about every os except free and open.

Lets say that my friend would start a bussiness, which is not totally 
hard to believe since he is a really smart guy with sometimes brilliant 
ideas. What do you think the odds are that he would base his bussines on 
Open- or FreeBSD?
My guess is that it would be yet another bussiness turning to Linux 
instead of BSD, due to reasons that have nothing to do with the 
capability of the os.


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