A case of FreeBSD users shooting all FreeBSD users in the foot?

Daniel Rudy dcrudy at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 13 00:23:13 PDT 2003

Somewhere around the time of 10/10/2003 21:38, the world stopped and
listened as R.Bagby contributed this to humanity:
> Found this on a google search.
> The comments were incredible.
> Very unfortunate if this is the only view people have of FreeBSD users.
> BABE in the Woods: A Linux User Migrates to FreeBSD
> Open for Business
> ... used one of the major BSD variants (other than the highly customized
> Mac OS X). Ed Hurst, a writer and a long time GNU/Linux user, decided
> to give FreeBSD a try ...
> <http://www.ofb.biz/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=267>
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The source of much of his problem is that fact that he was using the 5.x
code tree.  Someone, anyone, should have told him not to use that one
but to use the more mature 4.x code tree.  That would have provided a
much better experience for him.  He did say that he will be trying
4.8-STABLE, so let's see what he write about in part 2.

Daniel Rudy

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