A case of FreeBSD users shooting all FreeBSD users in the fo

Nicole nicole at unixgirl.com
Sat Oct 11 01:41:27 PDT 2003

 Not having the best communications skills at times I have received rude,
condisending and RTFM to many things I have posted on the FreeBSD mailing
lists. I have seen it on the lists to others as well. 
 So much so that if I were to ask a question again I would use a different 
name/account so that I would be unidentifed while being put down. 
 I have talked to others who said they just won't post anymore.. So I can
certainly see someone new just saying screw this and staying with Linux or

And as for the people "looking for Ed" on the lists. A resturant critic doesn't
walk into a resturant and say Hi I'm So and so and I'm writing a story. They
would want to be anonymous and treated like everyone else to be able to be
honestly objective.


On 11-Oct-03 My Homeland Security Spies reported that Jonathan said:
> On Friday 10 October 2003 11:46 pm, Peter Kieser wrote:
>> Actually.. in general, it seems to usually be the Linux users that have the
>> "RTFM" approach, other then us ourselves. We have an awesome handbook to
>> RTFM to, compared to anything that is available for Linux.
>  The "If you ask advice, you'll get polite versions of 'RTFM' mostly." may 
> very well come from the #freebsd irc channel, on freenode.net. I have gone in
> there once or twice and witnessed  really rude behavior. #freebsd is an 
> excellent reason not to use FreeBSD. I would not dare ask a question there; I
> think it's run by professional (l337) sysadmin guys who are into sadism.
> -- 
>               Kind regards,
>               Jonathan
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