TextMaker for FreeBSD now also supports FreeBSD 5.x

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Fri Oct 10 12:24:44 PDT 2003

John Baldwin wrote:

>On 09-Oct-2003 Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. wrote:
>>As for the product, my initial impression is rather favorable, but as
>>I'm running 5.1 and waiting for Java, I can't compare it to OO.
>You can build OO from ports on -CURRENT, btw.  It took about 23 hours
>on my P3/700 laptop, but it does work.  I used Impress for the slides
>for my BSDCon talk this year.

Hmm, if I can get it working, my build should be faster
(Athlon 1800+ here...) AFAIR, when I started
/usr/ports/editors/openoffice it decided it needed Java,
& asked me to download it manually.  I don't recall
whether or not I decided that download ever got
here (dialup, 44,000 on a good day) and perhaps
I wrongly assumed that when the FBSD Foundation
said that Java wasn't working on 5.x, they were correct.
Speaking of FBSDF, aren't you part of that?  Maybe
I read wrongly...

Anyway, I didn't finish setting up the JDK/SDK<?>
as a result of that info.  If I have time, I might go
ahead and see.  If I don't, I may just send softmaker
a check.  I guess I've got 28 days to decide, m/l....

Thanks for the heads up, anyway...


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