CNET: amd64

Dan Pelleg daniel+bsd at
Fri Oct 10 06:15:38 PDT 2003

Agreed. However that article talks about release in 2004 [beta in Q1, and a
full release "later"]. It's fine for the foundation to refrain from
announcing vaporware. But I still maintain that this article's author needs
to be made aware of his mistake in enumerating all the AMD64 vaporware :)

Michael W. Lucas writes:
 > AMD64 is still a Tier 2 platform.
 > We're *almost* there, but Peter has some more work to do.
 > On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 08:50:19AM -0400, Dan Pelleg wrote:
 > > 
 > > The following quote is from 
 > > (currently linked from the front page):
 > > 
 > > "Sun Microsystems' Solaris will become the third operating system to take
 > > advantage of Advanced Micro Devices' 64-bit Opteron processor."
 > > 
 > > With the other two being Linux and Microsoft Windows. Besides mailing the
 > > author and pointing out his error, does it make sense for someone (the
 > > FreeBSD Foundation?) to issue a press release regarding Opteron support?

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