TextMaker for FreeBSD now also supports FreeBSD 5.x

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Thu Oct 9 16:22:42 PDT 2003

Recently, Martin Kotulla wrote:

> I guess you could consider that as a commitment to the FreeBSD 
> operating system and its users.

And, *the very next day*, Martin Kotulla wrote:

> Hmm, that was a bit unexpected. FreeBSD 5.x is not binary-compatible 
> with 4.x; AFAICS all X apps have to be relinked with a different set 
> of libraries.
> We just did that and now have separate binaries for FreeBSD 4.x and 
> FreeBSD 5.x. If you are interested in the latest trial version of 
> TextMaker for FreeBSD, go to http://www.softmaker.de/tml_en.htm and 
> get the updated binaries.
> As previously said, I am very interested in all kinds of feedback on 
> TextMaker for FreeBSD.
> Martin Kotulla
> SoftMaker Software GmbH 

Martin, I would consider the fact that you relinked and reposted within
one day a rather extraordinary demonstration of "commitment to FreeBSD
and its users."  I can't see some of the big U$ $oftware companies
doing that --- but perhaps things are looking up.

As for the product, my initial impression is rather favorable, but as
I'm running 5.1 and waiting for Java, I can't compare it to OO.

However, if it comes in as handy as I think it may, and my
accounting department can pay my salary for October, you
may have at least one customer in 29 days or so.

Thank you,

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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