Rumour Mill on FreeBSD Death Still ....

Chris Dillon cdillon at
Tue Oct 7 11:50:36 PDT 2003

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, twig les wrote:

> Just curious, is this a concern because they think OSs are rigidly
> seperated into "Servers" and "Workstations" a la NT4?  Or are they
> just scared of FBSD because they haven't seen anyone running Ogle or
> XMMS on it?

I wouldn't say that Windows Server/Workstation are "rigidly separated"
in the least bit.  Windows "Server" and "Workstation" share absolutely
everything in common except for some limitations placed purposefully
on the "Workstation" version.  You can use Windows Server as your
"workstation" if you really wanted to waste the extra money you paid
to acquire the Server version.  There is one relatively high-profile
server operating system which really does have no function other than
to be a "server", and that is Novell Netware.  With Netware in mind,
it is easy to see how someone might think that it is actually
_impossible_ to use FreeBSD as a workstation.

If someone really needs a server/workstation dichotomy, then FreeBSD
can be likened to Windows Server (version irrelevant), since it is
fully-functional in BOTH server and workstation roles, but unlike
Windows you still don't have to pay any money if you want it to act in
a server role.

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