my project

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Mon Oct 6 17:00:53 PDT 2003

As I'm sure (at least) a few of you remember, I was talking a little bit 
ago about starting up a site ''. Well, that site is 
started, although I'm not completely done with it yet, it'd be nice to 
get a small userbase going and a bit of discussion. I'd like to hear 
your comments about it.

I'm using Xoops as the CMS. At the moment it's still probably bleedingly 
obvious, but it's still a work in progress at this point; the layout 
will be changing a bit as I add more things.

WRT the and projects -- I've got links 
pointing your way ;). I'd actually like to see what's possible getting 
these "working together" in the sense that we can all contribute 
information between each other. I would, for instance, like to be able 
to put up some unique news relating to advocacy and/or events in the 
(Free)BSD community.

To the bsdadvocacy list: are there sites I should be looking at (other 
than the obvious and and sites) 
that contain information/news about the various BSD projects?

To everyone: what's the general thought about this? Totally unnecessary? 
(too bad, I'm doing it anyway ;)) Layout comments?

Flames > /dev/null, of course.


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