Fwd: Re: [WarBSD]WarBSD Mirror on Eurisko.ws

Stacy Olivas olivas at digiflux.org
Wed Oct 1 14:53:04 PDT 2003

Heads up.  I'm actually doing something with WarBSD after letting it sit
around for a few months.  


I've moved the main warbsd distribution site to it's own subdomain -
warbsd.eurisko.ws.  It makes it available again for download via HTTP only
(ftp is still messed up and the hosting service hasn't fixed it -- I doubt
they will be able to.  Oh well)

I also decided to dust off the build scripts I was working on for 0.2.  I
synchronized my source tree with the latest RELENG_5_0 code and tried the
build process.   I had to update to NMAP 3.46.  

It looks like the FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE-p16 kernel has fixed the error I was
encountering with MFS.  So, now I am just finishing some stuff up before I
announce the release of WarBSD 0.2-p1.  There should be an announcement about
it here in a bit.


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