what's unix and what's not

Nigel Weeks nigel at e-easy.com.au
Mon Nov 24 18:35:36 PST 2003

If you're after 'SSI' (Single Server Image), then you're in for some work on

The patches from the Mosix group could be ported, but it'd be hard work.
DragonFlyBSD has a distant goal to include between-machine messaging for
process migration, but I'd say you need one now.

If they'd handle a master/slave cluster, MPI, PVM, Ganglia(for monitoring),
and the new framework under Seti at home(BOINC) will run with the least amount
of work.

Out of the box:
Clusterit (/usr/ports/net/clusterit) gives some handy functionailty.
PVM (/usr/ports/net/pvm) runs brilliantly
MPI (/usr/ports/net/lam, /usr/ports/net/mpich) are popular, powerful methods

I'm into clusters too. I can't wait to do a `top` on a FreeBSD box, and see
processors 0 - 63 busy...

Ps. I'm not calling you a zealot. Just be careful recommending to others too
It's a quick and easy way to get discredited.

Pps. I have an Israeli heritage. They write great code.


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> I send you all of my most sincere thanks. I have also read 
> some strings linking to israelian developers. I have no 
> problems with israelian products, being a mechanics-lover, I 
> trust their solutions for defensive weapons. I'm not a 
> zealot, I have simply made my choice for the future.
> I would also like to offer a valid alternative for the 
> symmetric-multiprocessor system at the local centre of 
> calculation of the university. The system is a 'power' 
> architecture mainframe of IBM. I have read FreeBSD is not 
> ready for this purposes.
> I hope I'm wrong, because I also trust FreeBSD for 
> calculation machines, even if I know its specialty are the 
> internet and the database services.
> .VWV.
> Nigel Weeks wrote:
> > Careful.
> > Mosix(aka OpenMosix) is a patch to a generic Linux kernel - 
> hardly a 
> > variant.
> >
> > There were/are distro's based on this mod - the distro is 
> not where it 
> > started. Mosix actually started on BSD/OS...at an Israeli 
> > University...
> >
> > Don't get yourself labelled a Zealot - it's the worst thing 
> you could 
> > do...
> >
> > N.
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