what's unix and what's not

Nigel Weeks nigel at e-easy.com.au
Mon Nov 24 17:17:57 PST 2003

Mosix(aka OpenMosix) is a patch to a generic Linux kernel - hardly a

There were/are distro's based on this mod - the distro is not where it
Mosix actually started on BSD/OS...at an Israeli University...

Don't get yourself labelled a Zealot - it's the worst thing you could do...


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> Hello.
> I have discovered at the local International Superior School 
> of Advanced Studies - SISSA of Triest -, they have the MOSIX 
> as the main operating system for clustering - probably with 
> IBM hardware. Mosix is a Linux variant for clustering, mainly 
> supported by KNOPPIX. This is a distribution of a genious 
> german engineer of informatics, Klaus Knopper. They have been 
> stopped now by the european 'software-patents'. Otherwise, 
> Knoppix is only a variant of the Debian Linux, anything more, 
> even if very creative.
> On the other hand, at the local center of calculation of the 
> university of Triest, they have been always working for 
> calculation with an IBM big monster with the own IBM's AIX.
> Who is the foolish here: 'advanced' people following the 
> fashion of Linux, or the conservatives of the university, 
> keeping the old material?
> I know, the correct way is the only true free unix ever, the FreeBSD.
> I shall continue telling that anybody, even if they think I'm 
> a visionary.
> I'll tell you more if I'll get something positive at the next 
> meeting about open source at the centre of calculation of the 
> university. I'll go there showing the recently printed 
> FreeBSD reference manual off, even if I'm only a dreamer.
> Live slices-and-partitioning Berkeley or die.
> .VWV.
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