what's unix and what's not

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it
Mon Nov 24 17:01:19 PST 2003


I have discovered at the local International Superior School of Advanced
Studies - SISSA of Triest -, they have the MOSIX as the main operating
system for clustering - probably with IBM hardware. Mosix is a Linux variant
for clustering, mainly supported by KNOPPIX. This is a distribution of a
genious german engineer of informatics, Klaus Knopper. They have been
stopped now by the european 'software-patents'. Otherwise, Knoppix is only a
variant of the Debian Linux, anything more, even if very creative.

On the other hand, at the local center of calculation of the university of
Triest, they have been always working for calculation with an IBM big
monster with the own IBM's AIX.

Who is the foolish here: 'advanced' people following the fashion of Linux,
or the conservatives of the university, keeping the old material?

I know, the correct way is the only true free unix ever, the FreeBSD.

I shall continue telling that anybody, even if they think I'm a visionary.

I'll tell you more if I'll get something positive at the next meeting about
open source at the centre of calculation of the university. I'll go there
showing the recently printed FreeBSD reference manual off, even if I'm only
a dreamer.

Live slices-and-partitioning Berkeley or die.


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