Fw: Re: a road to nowhere

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it
Thu Nov 13 17:14:48 PST 2003

>> GTK+, Qt, and GNUstep are made by different projects. Their themes
>> are also made by separate projects. Most of the developers (and all
>> of the theme writers) are unpaid volunteers. If you want some
>> unified themes, you choices are to politely encourage and convince
>> someone to do it 
>> for you, or to do it yourself. That's the way Open Source has always
>> worked.
> I have written here for the reason above, I only trust in the FreeBSD
> community.
>> I am the author of the Qt-2.x Stepstyle theme, which was as near of a
>> clone of NeXT as I could get. I did not port it to qt3 for three
>> reasons. First, there was little interest in it. Although it was
>> popular as a "howto" to write other themes, the NeXT look itself is
>> rather plain and unexciting. Second, porting to qt3 would mean a
>> total rewrite, since the API has been completely changed. Third,
>> there were strong rumours that Mosfet would be updating his KStep
>> theme. The 
>> latter didn't happen, and with his current disappearance from the
>> scene, might never happen.
> I have touched the porting problem, reading the sources. I had never
> thought, it's you having built such a masterpiece, even if somebody
> consider it 'unexciting'. I have read only of Mosfet.
>> I could update my Stepstyle theme. But doing so would put other
>> projects of mine on hold. So before I would do it, I would need to
>> know that there is interest in it. Doing all of this work for just
>> one person isn't worth it to me (although renumeration of some kind
>> would help).
> I have still downloaded all of the KDE 2.2.2 stuff. If it won't
> correctly work on this system, I would be glad of paying for the
> Stepstyle update. I'm a visual, therefore instead of running ungly
> frontends, I still prefer the command-line. I have also modified the
> look of this Windows bastard, to make it look more 'Nextish'... I
> haven't the time to learn how to modify C sources, even if I would
> like it, because I have a lot of capabilities to grow up, like metal
> working, acting, electronic music. I still don't know what will be my
> job. I'm a high-level authistic. 
>> Also, Windowmaker is not a GNUstep application, so I don't know what
>> the hullaballoo is all about. Although Windowmaker is the "official"
>> window manager for GNUstep, it itself does not use any of the GNUstep
>> libraries, and isn't even written in Objective C.
> I have learnt it from you now. It's really incredible.
> I was using a customized Afterstep, before a catastrophic crash of a
> Linux filesystem. It was good looking with all of the Motif-like
> frontends, I had also repainted the buttons, but it has all been lost.
> Now I'm running a self-built four disk system for safety, the next
> one is a mix of ATA-UDMA and SCSI-ULTRA.
> Cheers

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