a road to nowhere

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> I still can't believe what people of GNOME and KDE have done. 

I keep reading how you dislike KDE 3.x, but one thing I missed was what you
really don't like about it.
It seems you just don't like the look. Is that all?

Before KDE 3.x, I used only Windowmaker because KDE 2 was so slow and choppy
on my machine,
Now I have to admit I went from a PII 450 to a PIV 1.8GHz during the time.
But otherwise KDE seems to be just fine.

> I have tried and retried, but the result is always the same: 
> there is no
> common style under GTK 2.x and KDE 3.x.

This is what I'm not understanding, you complain that to differe toolkits
aren't the same? You also mentioned GNUstep which is uses another toolkit,
if I'm not mistaken.

Just Curious


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