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peter lageotakes plageotakes at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 19:46:53 PST 2003

Perhaps this link might help.

in     /usr/ports/devel/gnustep

Hope you find your perfect window manager.


--- ".VWV." <victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it>
> I still can't believe what people of GNOME and KDE
> have done. With GTK 1.x
> and KDE 2.x there were only some little adjustments
> missing, to obtain the
> 'perfect' desktop, compatible with GNUstep's
> Windowmaker. They have decided
> to follow an endless way instead. I'm temptated of
> destroying the whole X
> system now. The problem with FreeBSD, unlike with
> Linux, was that Nautilus
> 1.x didn't work in any way.
> Before throwing in the towel, I'll downgrade to KDE
> 2.x, and I'll wait the
> solution for Nautilus.
> I thank who will send me a solution to start the
> Nautilus 1.x, to have at
> least a decent desktop for a pair of production
> workstations, dedicated to
> store music files.
> I have tried and retried, but the result is always
> the same: there is no
> common style under GTK 2.x and KDE 3.x.
> There is no style matching GNUstep, there aren't
> customizable windowmanagers
> any more.
> The main proposals are based on the Windows shit.
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