the unix desktop was possible once

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Sun Nov 9 14:47:31 PST 2003

Vulpes Velox wrote:

> Why not use 4.9 or 4stable? I see no problem using gtk or gtk+. As
> long as qt is advioded I don't see any real problems. Free hosting is
> largely a must... look how much various linuxs have managed to
> totally bungle the idea of creating a desktop by being commercial.

I have already explained, for a desktop it is necessary a common look for
the various environments. It can be obtained following the GNUstep standard,
adopted by Windowmaker. GTK 1.x has the graphical engines to match exactly
the same look. It is only necessary to find the way to start that bastard of
Nautilus 1.0.6, which should be docked as for desktop and main file manager.
As for KDE 3.x, I'll try to hack it to add on the old 'kdestep' style, even
if I have no idea if I'll be able of mixing the sources in the correct way.

> Installation tools are cool. Some nicer config tools would go a long
> way thought. I am currently working on one to make kernel builds
> simpler.

This is an optional, as for desktops, because simply reading the Handbook
and the LINT file, the compilation goes perfectly at the first attempt. In
any case, it would be nice to have such tool as a part of a customized


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