endless development kills art - Bill and Vulpes

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it
Sat Nov 8 20:01:24 PST 2003

I thank Bill Moran and Vulpes Velox for their replies. It would be difficult
for me to work at such distances, even if the hosting isn't a real problem
of money. I can simply let you a trace of my experience, hoping it will be a
direction to follow: keep the old libraries and frontends, they are still
the very best for a desktop distribution.

Developers with time to waste are killing creativity. There was a lot of
artwork for both GTK 1.x and KDE 2.x. Now it is a desert, artists don't like
to remake their work at every developers' whim. GNUstep's Windowmaker has
kept itself safe at the moment. The unix desktop has been already killed.

GTK 1.x isn't dead yet, even if the developers would like to kill it. The
main part of the applications still work on it. KDE 2.x is quite dead,
therefore it is necessary to port to 3.x the KDEstep style, to match GNUstep
with GTKstep.
The NeXT-like dream isn't dead, owing to the strenght of Windowmaker's

My only hope is the intelligent hierachical organization of the FreeBSD core

As for desktops, Linux is already dead. Flame me as you like, this is the


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