art for daemons

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Tue Nov 4 17:03:38 PST 2003

>> I hope somebody will print it. The rhinoceros is a
>> break-through-living-machine, exactly like a solid unix system.

> It would make a good mascot. Rhinos are armored, robust, stable,
> no-nonsense, and make ever so wonderful pets for the children. Much
> better than the flightless nest-wetting fowl the other guys have.
> David

That fowls are probably generated by a kind of infantilism, genius people
often have. I'm only a techno-artist, therefore I can simply synthetize and
use what geniuses of technology create. I must sleep a bit now.

As always, forgive me for I am writing from the Disgusting Operating System.


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