10 year FreeBSD Anniversary t-shirts

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at jumpy.it
Mon Nov 3 20:07:37 PST 2003


there is anybody better than Albrecht Dürer. Take a look to 'the Knight, the
Death and the Devil'.

As always, forgive me if I'm writing from the Disgusting Operating System.


> hey,
> any graphic artists ou there that have some spare cycles? we're going
> to print some 10 Year FreeBSD T-Shirts for the upcoming anniversary
> party but
> I've got nobody at our company that's *really* good artistically to do
> the shirts. of course, this is all been a volunteer effort as I've
> pretty much blown my budget for the party ;)
> we'll try to get some extras printed and maybe FreeBSD Mall can put
> them
> up on the site or we'll post em on ours until they're all gone.
> feel free to contact me offlist.
> thanks,
> -matt
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> Matt Olander
> (408)943-4100 Phone
> (408)943-4101 Fax
> www.offmyserver.com

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