TCO and etc arguement

Stacy Olivas olivas at
Mon Nov 3 03:26:24 PST 2003

On 10/23/2003, "Johnson David" <DavidJohnson at> wrote:
>Another factor to consider is heterogenous environments. All the TCO
>studies I've seen calculate the cost for all Windows or all Linux. This
>is unrealistic for most corporate environments. It might make sense to
>deploy Linux or FreeBSD on the servers, and Windows on the desktop.

Interesting you say that... I know of at least one organization that has
moved it's servers to some flavor of unix, with Windows 2000 on the desktop. 
It makes it easier for the users to do their job, and the headache of weekly
hotfixes and other stuff is reduced.  The admins say they love the setup.. it
gives them more control and flexibility and keeps the users who only know
windows (or use one of the many applications) happy.


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