Advocacy opportunity in XFree86/xdm/xlogin

Alexander Pohoyda alexander.pohoyda at
Sat May 31 14:20:40 PDT 2003

> From: "Dan Langille" <dan at>
> On 31 May 2003 at 0:35, Alexander Pohoyda wrote:

> > By default, XFree86 globe picture is displayed, and I thought that it
> > would be a good advocacy to display our own logo there.
> The PNG looks a little ragged around the edges.  Is that because it's 
> blown-up?

That's all I can do with The GIMP and my notebook stick-mouse.
I suppose that XPM cannot have transparent colors. I'm not sure about
this, however.

Alexander Pohoyda
<alexander.pohoyda at>

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