Advocacy opportunity in XFree86/xdm/xlogin

Alexander Pohoyda alexander.pohoyda at
Fri May 30 15:35:32 PDT 2003

Hello XFree86 maintainers,

I have found a suitable Beastie picture on site, and
edited it a bit, to make it fit xlogin application.
xlogin is used by xdm, as you well know.
By default, XFree86 globe picture is displayed, and I thought that it
would be a good advocacy to display our own logo there.

You can see it here:
and XPM file for the X:

File to patch is xdm/config/Xres.cpp (before imake) or
xdm/Xresources (after). Resource xlogin*logoFileName.

I can create a PR, if needed.

Thanks for your consideration!

Alexander Pohoyda
<alexander.pohoyda at>

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