kernels' weight

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Sun May 25 18:15:25 PDT 2003

Hi to all.

I would like to post a question.
We know Linux is the son of the microkernel Minix. Linux kernel is simple and 
light, but its compilation is complicate, owing to the need of a lot of 
modules, and to the difference between several distributions. It is much 
easier to compile a FreeBSD kernel, even if it needs some megabyte more. If 
we can compress the kernel following the instruction on the Dossier books, 
who cares of its original weight?
Once I know how to compile the FreeBSD kernel and how to write the file 
'fstab', I can quite dominate my operating system - moreover, the 
partitioning system is much more advanced -.
I'm running FreeBSD as the main administration of a pair of workstations. I 
have no needs as for networks. Please forgive me if I'm writing from a dead 
Linux installation, I have no time to learn the network commands on FreeBSD, 
whilst building my complicate hardwares...
I have never liked the chaotic and competitive world of 'penguins', I'm proud 
of learning the only unix with FreeBSD.

Live Berkeley or die


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