SCO sue IBM re Linux Sys V Copyright. Maybe patent danger later?

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Mon May 19 10:34:59 PDT 2003

On 2003-05-19 19:14 +0200, Julian Stacey <jhs at> wrote:

# Microsoft just bought rights to use Sco Unix patents etc:
# but not the patents themselves though.
# M$ also bought copyright access to the SCO Unix code - Yawn - It's     
# software patents that concern me.

This definitely has a two-fold effect:

1. SCO gets more money and weight behind their fight against IBM
2. Microsoft uses this as weight against their fight against Linux

Microsoft has always said that the GPL is viral and has potential
effects on companies who use Linux (and other GPL'd software)... this is
just another bit that they can carry in their arsenal.

Hopefully, Microsoft doesn't blindly use the term "Open Source" to just
mean GPL and Linux as that could also harm the BSD portion of Open

That's just my take.

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