FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows

Craig Carey snowfall at
Wed Jun 25 08:47:16 PDT 2003

At 2003-06-24 16:51 -0700 Tuesday, Eli Scott wrote:
>I know I'm a bit late on this one, but maybe they should run FreeBSD
>against Gentoo on the big TechTV Linux vs FreeBSD shootout.  I know
>whenever I try and advocate FreeBSD to my Linux friends running Gentoo,
>they always point to Portage as being a ports killer.

Here are some 2001 comments by the CEO of Gentoo:

: Surprises in ext3
: Daniel Robbins (drobbins at
: President/CEO, Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
: December 1, 2001
: Andrea's new VM implementation (which first appeared in 2.4.10) was
: really great; it really sped up the kernel and made the entire system
: more responsive. 2.4.10 was definitely a major turning point in 2.4
: Linux kernel development; up until then, things weren't looking very
: good, and many of us were wondering why we weren't FreeBSD developers.
: Ext3 has a stellar reputation for being a rock-solid filesystem,

The reputation of the next builds upon the reputation of the earlier

Destructive testing could be done if FreeBSD had to come out as the
winner. I don't recall quantitative BSDishy articles using a destructive
testing methodology as the chief method for getting Linux rejected.

It took me about 2 power-offs of Linux (running in PC), to upset KDE
so that it could not boot. To die after only 2 power-offs is most
unimpressive. That was with the software over the SGI XFS filesystem,
which could be quite reliable:

Testing would be quicker if VMware was used. [Reinstalling KDE
can take a long time]

However I was unable to get Linux 2.4.21 and 2.5 to boot inside of
VMware whilst the "/" filesystem was XFS. 

Perhaps crashing KDE does not get the FreeBSD to Linux crashing
ratio under 1/35th.

Craig Carey

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