Julian Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Tue Jun 24 04:42:17 PDT 2003

Thanks folks for your notes on MS replacement tools, (which I've latched).

mj001 wrote:
> I had the opportunity to do a presentation on Open Source products
> at work a few weeks ago. One selling point was to point out,
> part way through, that the "Powerpoint" slides I was showing
> had been entirely written with OpenOffice Impress, and exported
> in Powerpoint's format - not a byte changed with Powerpoint itself.

Nice  ( I've seen too many Unix presentations projected using MS ! )
Could you put the data behind a URL please ? (or mail it).

The Munich BSD group has a leaflet for *BSD (2 language versions)
& it'd be nice to also place a *Point presentation adjacent,
something to grab & work from when opportunities arise, to both:
  - load to BSD laptop, & take to company demos, & 
  - export to Powerpoint, for casual MS users browsing past.

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