FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Jun 23 10:36:30 PDT 2003

Johnson David wrote:
> On Saturday 21 June 2003 09:58 am, Dan Langille wrote:
>>It should also be comparing Windows XP, not Windows 2000.  I don't
>>think we'd like it if they looking at FreeBSD 4.2...
> Win2K is still very widely used in the market segments where FreeBSD 
> might be considered. Most of the points against Win2K also apply to 
> WinXP, so maybe relabeling the column "Windows 2000/XP" is more 
> appropriate.

Actually, more appropriate would be Windows 2000 Advanced Server, right? 
Windows XP is mainly for desktops, not servers..


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