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Josef El-Rayes j.el-rayes at
Sun Jun 22 03:22:57 PDT 2003

Peter <pfak at> wrote:
> As there aren't very many FreeBSD powered by images that go along with every
> site.
in my opinion this is a area where a lot of improvement can be done.
(just look at the openbsd folks).

> I have created one using the familiar BSD daemon with "Powered by" and
> "Operating System".
this looks nice and clean, i like it.

you seem to be good with drawing/design - what i am not very gifted with
- so i am wondering if you like to do a poster. i am looking for a
  person who creates poster layout (i think a vector graphic suits best
for this purpose). just look at photos from bsd booths. openbsd posters
are eyecatchers, than there are the toaster netbsd poster and what
about freebsd? :(

so perhaps you could help there, i would be happy if we could beautify
the bsd booth on upcoming linuxtag in germany with some freebsd posters

greets, josef

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