FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows

Josef El-Rayes j.el-rayes at
Sat Jun 21 09:45:00 PDT 2003

Peter <pfak at> wrote:
> Found an interesting article on TechTV, seems to portray FreeBSD in a very
> good light. Might be good for some promotional thing, to print out and
> distribute.

although i find this quite nice it seems to be a bit too much of
pro-freebsd. it also needs some updating. linux has got a journaling
filesystem, ext2 is not the choice anymore. commercial support is better
for linux than for freebsd. i also think that linux has usually a better
device driver support, or put it this way, a broader variety. 

so after some modifing, to make it more objective, this article would be very nice.
but thats just my opinion.

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