SCO Lawsuit

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Fri Jun 6 22:11:29 PDT 2003

John wrote:
> Any concerns to BSD / FreeBSD about SCO's suit against IBM / Linux?


> Any benefits?

Accidental benefits, such as people choosing to use FreeBSD in
environments (especially embedded systems), rather than using
Linux.  Nothing the FreeBSD community is going out of its way
to capitolize on.

>  Just curious.  I have never been a fan of SCO as it is and
> the article suggests the company may be benefiting from
> Microsoft's offer to pay license fees to SCO for UNIX code.

Only if you call $20M and their first profitable quarter in
7 years a benefit...

> End run by Microsoft?

Most likely not.

See also:

-- Terry

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