June 2003 Issue of the Daemon News Ezine published

Linh Pham question at daemonnews.org
Wed Jun 4 15:27:08 PDT 2003

The June 2003 issue of the Daemon News Ezine has been published and is
available at:


This month's issue contains articles covering *BSD, including:

- John Aycock writes on his experience of setting up OpenBSD in a
  classroom lab environment.

- Setting up Postfix to use SASL authentication over TLS to help combat

- An introductory look at backing up key system files

- A book review for "FreeBSD: The Complete Reference" by Roderick Smith

- A look back on BSD events, releases and announcements for May 2003

- The DN AnswerCrew answers several reader submitted questions,
  including how to automate renaming of files with mmv and how to build
  custom kernels for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

- Greg Lehey talks about the recent SCO lawsuits and allegations against
  IBM and Linux, and how it relates to BSD

Daemon News and the Daemon News Ezine are both supported by volunteer
efforts and we welcome articles submissions and any volunteer help with the
Ezine. If you would like help out or submit articles, feel free to
contact us at editors at daemonnews.org.

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