Advocacy opportunity in XFree86/xdm/xlogin

Alexander Pohoyda alexander.pohoyda at
Sun Jun 1 04:12:00 PDT 2003

> Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 00:56:53 +0200 (CEST)
> From: Lukas Ertl <l.ertl at>

> > Well, but wdm is not installed by default, and I have never heard of
> > it before. I would consider it a failed advocacy effort :-)

> Why would it be a failed advocacy effort?

Because it would never reach my eyes, if you didn't tell me. And a BSD
logo is not the default there anyway (see below).

> > I have just installed that port on 4.8-STABLE, and got an ugly Penguin
> > face on my screen!! Thanks, but even XFree86 globe is better for me.

> I'm not sure which port you installed, but on my box there's no "Penguin
> face".

I have installed wdm version 1.20_3 as in:
root at oak:/usr/ports/x11/wdm# less distinfo 
MD5 (wdm/wdm-1.20.tar.gz) = 7d3a5debe5005ee481e821951d4c9194

root at oak:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/wdm# less pixmaps/README
The files in this directory can be used the "logo" for
the login panel.  "gnuLogo.xpm" is the "default" included
by Login.  The alternates can be used by specifying
DisplayManager*wdmLogo  /.../pixmaps/<file> at runtime.

However, if I manually run wdmReconfig afterwards, I will get a
beastie picture indeed.

2Kris: Shouldn't this be done by "make install"? If you ever find the
time to fix it, please use this picture:

> I didn't mean to put your artwork down. I just wanted to point out that
> there's already something like what you proposed.

Yes, I know and I appreciate your input very much.

> > And, BTW, I deinstalled wdm port. That's not something I want to have
> > on my machine.

> Why that? It doesn't bite.

I don't need it. XDM is fine for my needs.

Alexander Pohoyda
<alexander.pohoyda at>

P.S.: Does anybody know a nicer replacement for xchooser?

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