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Sun Jul 20 15:18:39 PDT 2003

once again, Linuxtag, Europe's largest Linux exhibition and conference,
took place in Karlsruhe, Germany.

A bunch of people representing FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Opendarwin and
OpenSSH set up a booth to show people what quality software looks like.

On the FreeBSD side of things, we finally had some merchandising stuff
to show and sell.  Wim Vandeputte and FreeBSD Mall provided us with
T-Shirts, Books CD sets and stickers.

Josef El-Rayes gave an introductory talk about FreeBSD, which many people
were interested in (actually the lecture room was too small, so some people
had to stand).  

The booth was very well visited most of the time.  It is interesting to see,
how many people are surprised that FreeBSD runs KDE, Gnome and all the other
stuff they usually know from Linux.  Of course they are even more surprised
when you show them a PDF file using the Linux Acrobat Reader :-)

I think it is safe to say that the booth was very successfull, and that we
now have a couple of new FreeBSD users :-)

The Linuxtag FreeBSD booth was brought to you by:

Josef El-Rayes, Tilman Linneweh (arved@), Markus Brueffer and Christian
Brueffer (brueffer@).

Hubert Feyrer wrote a summary about the NetBSD activities at Linuxtag, you can
read it at

Pictures of the booth:

- Christian

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