www.knoppix.net and maybe one day "FreeBSDCDR?"

Julian H. Stacey jhs at tower.berklix.net
Sun Dec 21 18:05:43 PST 2003

> I currently have no hosting for the project, so I'm doing everything alone, 
> but I'd really like to get other people involved as well.

What hosting do you need ?  I have hosts running FreeBSD 4.x & 5.x,
& majordomo & http & ftp, & enough space on one box, & could run a
CVS server too. Mail & sources no problem, but ...

I don't have lots of gigabyte per month transfer quota, so being
an ISO repository is not viable.  Universities are good bases for
storing ISO masters on FTP, one near me could do that, but I would
Not want to be pushing regular master ISO images from my servers
to a Uni.  Better use a seperate flat rate DSL + home based build
engine direct to a Uni. to upload ISO s dor distribution.

  I've also mastered bootable FreeBSD CDROMs for a couple of years,
  not released, but there's a CDROM announce list already on
  majordomo at berklix.com, I can't talk about it now, except to say
  subscription is available, & an announcement will be made to that
  list some time.  But I've no problem creating you a list too.

Mail or phone if you want,  http://berklix.com/~jhs/phone/

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