www.knoppix.net and maybe one day "FreeBSDCDR?"

Daniela dgw at liwest.at
Sun Dec 21 15:38:23 PST 2003

On Thursday 18 December 2003 03:33, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> Hi again,
> Could someone explain how to create a similar bootable CD-R of FreeBSD
> that, at boot-time, would mount root to a ramdisk and run Gnome or KDE
> automatically?  Everything would have to use relative links and paths, eh?
> This Knoppix (Debian) Linux CD is a real life-saver (although I can't
> figure out how to mount the partition that has my 4.7-RELEASE root "/") and
> worth checking out.  Give it as a gift to a techie on your list!!!

I'm already doing this, with a few additional features such as mounting a 
ramdisk over the entire root (so everything is writable), automatic saving 
and restoring of changed files, automatic XFree86 configuration, ...
Everything is done in shellscript and AFAIK it will require no source code 
change at all, and it works for all versions.

I currently have no hosting for the project, so I'm doing everything alone, 
but I'd really like to get other people involved as well.


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