Building a Supercomputer with FreeBSD tomorrow on TechTV at 4PM PST

Devon H.O'Dell dodell at
Wed Dec 17 13:42:54 PST 2003

> I'll record it..  What's a good format for everyone?
> Eric

The show's in approximately two and a half hours -- Matt's headed off 
right now. I want to confirm that you'll be able to record the show and 
upload it to my server when you've gotten it ripped. Will you be able 
to edit the commercials out and get the final DivX-encoded AVI to be 
the relevant part, or are there other volunteers needed for this? :)

Eric: please contact me with a preferred username to upload the stream.

Additionally, I'm trying to get this accepted on Slashdot. Depending on 
what they're doing, I may need a good few mirrors available rather 
quickly after I get the release. Will people who are interested in 
mirroring this file please contact me with information about their 
mirror (i.e. location, speed, protocol, and directory path for which 
the file will be available) so I can let you guys know first and have 
you all mirror it before I release a list of all available mirrors? My 
server is 100mbit -- after the last show, though, I had a steady stream 
of 5Mbit for 3 or 4 days. So I'd like to emphasize that it would really 
help if we could get the mirroring done in an organized fashion.

If you're interested in mirroring, again, please contact off-list with 
your server location, speed, protocol for transfer and directory path 
for which the file will be available. I know some of you have already 
contacted me about mirroring it -- please contact me again with this 
more detailed information.

For those concerned about legalities: last time, I was faced with no 
problems. I also have permission from Matt to mirror this (while he may 
not own the copyrights, he's pretty tight with the TechTV people). In 
short: it's not a problem.


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