Building a Supercomputer with FreeBSD tomorrow on TechTV at 4PM PST

Devon H.O'Dell dodell at
Wed Dec 17 00:39:59 PST 2003

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow at 4PM PST, TechTV's Screensavers show will have a bit on 
building a supercomputer using FreeBSD. Our favorites, Matt Olander 
(from Offmyserver) and Brooks Davis (from the Aerospace Corporation) 
will be presenting. Both have a good bit of experience in this field 
(Brooks has published a paper available at -- I'm curious as 
to what the show will produce.

However, I don't get TechTV. So if any of you would be kind enough to 
press the record button and grab the thing via your capture card (like 
someone did with the last one), I will gladly again provide the space 
and bandwidth (like I did last time) so that everyone can (again) see 

Remember -- Wednesday, 17 December. 4PM PST (-0800 GMT). Don't miss it.


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