FreeBSD, KDE and Me

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Wed Dec 3 10:27:12 PST 2003

--- Johnson David <DavidJohnson at> wrote:
> I haven't seen this link come through this list yet, so I'll
> clue you 
> in. This article is written by a long time Mac user who spent
> a few 
> weeks using FreeBSD/KDE as his desktop while his PowerBook was
> down. 
> One of the best reviews for any OS I've seen in a long time.
> <>

That is definitely a great article.  Very objective in the
criticisms and praises, author explains his background/biases,
admits to not being an expert, addresses the novice concerns.

I haven't used KDE for >2 years, maybe it's time to check it out
again.  This also reinforces my devious notion to get my wife on
a Unix box via Mac, then after that who knows....

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