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Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Dec 3 06:03:30 PST 2003

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:

>  Todays internet is to hostile for systems that isnt frequently and 
> regularly patched and maintained.

Just curious, but, has anyone ever heard of a firewall?  I typically 
don't let my machines be accessed from the internet, and I don't run 
services on an box that isn't needed.   I'm just saying that there are 
levels of security - any machine touching the net (we all agree here) 
should have the latest patches and updates, without a doubt.  What about 
a box that is internal, that doesn't allow local user logins, and/or 
runs a minimal amount of services (say, httpd and sshd)?  Of course, 
those tools should be patched, and why not do the others too - but no 
reboot is needed for a lot of patches.

I just think that "large uptime = bad admin" is a pretty shallow and 
close minded way to stereotype people based on how long a machine has 
been powered on without a reboot.  Nobody said "1200 days without a 
security patch! woohoo!"..

Anyway,  this thread should probably move to -chat..


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