Loving the FreeBSD

Ramanan Selvaratnam rama at ukfsn.org
Thu Aug 21 05:34:55 PDT 2003

Benjamin Walkenhorst wrote:

>>>Important -- you missed the important comparision about the system
>>>respecting the user's freedoms.
>>Yes, I forget that. I ran into some major culture shocks when installing
>>and using WinXP. Product activation? License agreements for *drivers*?
>>Some of the "privacy" options while installing Media Player were
>>absolutely bizarre! And don't even get me started on DVD regions.
>Well, these were among the reasons for me to leave windows. Since they 
>released Windows 95, Microsoft became greedier and greedier... 
>Especially the privacy issues bother me nowadays. Even with a firewall in 
>between, I won't connect to the internet using Windows, *ever* again... Not 
>using my own computer, that is...
Not sure whether trusting a company that has been criminally convicted 
in the US as untrustworthy with privacy is the biggest freedom denied 
through the way Microsoft develops and maintains  software ....

IMHO the freedom related to software and abuse of this is a far wider 
issue important at every level.
Personally I see privacy as less of an issue than equal opportunity to 
human heritage which is another freedom clearly abused.
eg: I can pass on a FreeBSD CD to another in need without fearing the laws.



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