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Benjamin Walkenhorst krylon at gmx.net
Thu Aug 21 04:45:07 PDT 2003

On Mittwoch, 20. August 2003 21:01 Johnson David wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 August 2003 10:44 am, Ramanan Selvaratnam wrote:
> > >Installing FreeBSD 5.1: about ten minutes, with zero reboots.
> > > Versus.
> >
> > To be fair and clear -- With a GUI 'desktop' environment and all in
> > ten minutes?

Well, in my experience (my machine: PentiumIII 450), this won't do. But 
installation *is* amazingly quick, if you know what you are doing. 
(Having installed GNU/Linux, both SuSE and Debian, quite some times before, 
seems to help, however... Experience makes you strong!)

> To be fair, I didn't install KDE or GNOME at that time. But I did
> install XFree86 and Windowmaker. This is still pretty damned fast, so
> how is it possible? Simple. The system is a 2.8GHz P4, installing from
> DVD drive onto Serial ATA harddrive (UDMA150).

Well, I like both KDE and GNOME for the applications. For desktop, I prefer 
Windowmaker, too: It's not ugly, it's pretty performant, and - due to 
dockapps - pretty pretty... =) 

However, performance-wise, my machine can't compare... ;-/

> > Important -- you missed the important comparision about the system
> > respecting the user's freedoms.
> Yes, I forget that. I ran into some major culture shocks when installing
> and using WinXP. Product activation? License agreements for *drivers*?
> Some of the "privacy" options while installing Media Player were
> absolutely bizarre! And don't even get me started on DVD regions.

Well, these were among the reasons for me to leave windows. Since they 
released Windows 95, Microsoft became greedier and greedier... 
Especially the privacy issues bother me nowadays. Even with a firewall in 
between, I won't connect to the internet using Windows, *ever* again... Not 
using my own computer, that is...

> I have absolutely no problems with paying for software. Heck, I'm on a
> FreeBSD subscription, and it's free beer! But this shareware mentality
> in Windows land is twisted. Either these guys have delusional ideas
> about the quality of their software, or they're completely reprobate.

> David
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