Loving the FreeBSD

Jeandre du Toit jeandre at itvs.co.za
Wed Aug 20 04:41:06 PDT 2003

dear mr computer,
     i would like you to keep you os of my front porch. if i see windows in=
 or near my house again there will be trouble. i have been trying to train =
it to work (this might be a new concept to it because it doesn't seem to un=
derstand) but i can't. i also think that i might be allergic to windows and=
 this causes problems for me and my whole family. why don't you just get ri=
d of windows and get yourself freebsd instead? i know your kids will be sad=
 at first, but they will learn to love freebsd more than they could have ev=
er loved windows. your whole life will change, things will seem to be worki=
ng better (because it is!) there won't be any more fights or corruption and=
 it is alot cheaper to maintain a freebsd than a windows. i could go on and=
 on, but you need to see for yourself. i havn't had my freebsd for too long=
 but i can tell you i have never looked back since getting it. i don't thin=
k i would ever be able to live without it. i can't thank those genetic expe=
rts that put freebsd together enough, thanks guys!

do it for you internals!
     your friendly network neighbour

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